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Silent Night

Christmas Greetings 2020

To all readers of our website, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2021.

Thank you for your continued and ever-growing support.


Lubitz Family

The angel who did not want to sing

by Werner Reiser

As the gathering of the heavenly hosts over the fields of Bethlehem joyfully sang, “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to Men on Earth,” a little angel suddenly stopped singing. Although he was only a small voice in the infinite choir, his silence was noticeable. As angels sing in closed ranks, any gap is immediately remarked.

The singers beside him hesitated and ceased singing as well. The failing of voices quickly spread, nearly silencing the whole choir; the song would have diminished to nothing if not for a few unwavering archangels with strong swelling voices. One of them looked for the reason for spreading silence.

With a nod of command he indicated that the singing continue and then turned his attention to the little angel.

“Why do you not want to sing?” he asked sternly.

The small angel answered, “I wanted to sing. I sang, ‘Glory to God in the Highest’. But when I came to, ‘Peace on Earth among Men,’ I could not go on.

“Suddenly I imagined the many soldiers in this country and in all countries. Everywhere and always they spread war and terror, killing the young and old, and call this peace. And even where there are no soldiers, there are quarrels and violence, flying fists and angry words between people, and bitterness rules over those of differing ideas. It is not true that there is peace among men on Earth, and I cannot sing against my conviction! I observe the difference between those we sing of and those on Earth. This difference is too large for my feelings, and I can no longer stand this contradiction.”

The archangel studied him in silence for a long time, engrossed in thought. It was as if he was listening to a higher directive. Then he nodded and began to speak:

“It seems that you suffer from the conflict between Heaven and Earth, between the high and the low. So know this: That this very conflict was bridged on that night. This child, who was born and whose future you are worried about, was to end the conflict and bring peace to all the people of the world. That is why we sing, even though people do not yet hear and understand this mystery and all its implications. We do not drown out the conflict with our singing, as you might think. We sing a new song.”

The little angel exclaimed, “If that is the case, I am happy to sing.”

The archangel shook his head and said, “You will take on another service. You will not go back up with us. From today, you will carry the peace of God and of this child to the people. You will be on the road day and night. You shall knock at their homes and put in their hearts their longing for him. You have to be prepared for their defiant and lengthy negotiations and enter into the midst of the clutter of opinions and threats. You have to expose their hypocritical words and make others suspicious of such false arguments. They will show you the door, but you will sit on the thresholds and wait tenaciously. You have to take the innocent under your wing and forward their cries to us. You will not have anything to sing of. But you will have much to cry and complain about. You asked for this. You love the truth more than the praise of God. This feature of your being now becomes your mission.

“And now, go. Our singing will accompany you so that you never forget that peace which was born that night.”

The little angel was at first smaller, and then, without him noticing, he began to grow larger and larger. And then he set foot on the fields of Bethlehem. He walked with the shepherds to the child in the manger and opened their hearts so that they understood what they saw. Then he went into the wide world and began his work.

Challenged and wounded again and again, he has been doing his duty ever since, ensuring that the yearning for peace never disappears, but grows. This yearning troubles people, urging them to seek and create peace. Those who open themselves to him and help him suddenly hear – as if from a distance – a chorus, which encourages him to continue the work of peace among men.

We hope you enjoyed our little angel story and you also read between the lines as well.

To all readers of our website, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2020.

Thank you for your continued and ever-growing support.

We wish you peace.


Lubitz Family

With regard to the Frontal 21 television report on 18 June 2019

Between claims and reality

A Frontal 21 television report on 18 June reported on the Germanwings crash. According to its own statement, Frontal 21 claims to uncover grievances, stimulate discussions and “get to the bottom of” certain topics. But the broadcast on Germanwings demonstrated precisely the opposite: The themes were poorly researched and many statements wrong, as the examples below show.

Cockpit door locked from the inside

In the broadcast the following statement is made: “Andreas Lubitz sat alone for several minutes in the cockpit, had locked the door from the inside, locking out the flight captain”.

As we have already shown in our August 2018 article (see above link), it is verifiably established that the cockpit door was not locked from inside. It is noteworthy, however, that despite having the emergency access code crew members could not open the cockpit door. If for some reason the door is not manually unlocked from the inside, the cockpit can be opened by entering the correct code on the keypad. Mr van Beveren, who prepared an expert report on the Germanwings crash (on our behalf), had learned that shortly after the accident, hints from Germanwings insiders indicated that this keypad had already malfunctioned in an earlier incident: On the ground, the cockpit door was accidentally shut and automatically locked but could not be opened using the keypad. This is an important clue that you, Frontal 21, should have investigated.


Also, the programme says: “At first glance, Andreas Lubitz appears sporty and fit, but suffered from depression and sleep and anxiety disorders”. At the time of the crash Andreas did not suffer from depression, as prosecutor Kumpa concluded (see above link).

The closing note of the Düsseldorf prosecutor states: “On the one hand, according to the results of the investigation, there are no indications that Andreas Lubitz was mentally ill when he was hired as a flight attendant and later as a pilot at Germanwings.” And further, it was determined: “None of the treating physicians in 2014/2015 — be they psychiatric specialists or other doctors – diagnosed depression with Andreas Lubitz at that time. In addition, no physician or therapist detected suicidal thoughts or were any reported by the patient. There was also no evidence of atypical aggressive behavior.”

Andreas Lubitz did not suffer from depression at the time of the crash.

Indeed, Andreas was treated from November 2008 to April 2009 for depression, seven years before the crash, and had reported this to his employer (i.e., Lufthansa). After recovering in 2009, he was invited by the flight school to continue his training, and completed it successfully. In all broadcasts so far the question is always raised about how someone with such an illness could be allowed into the cockpit. Unsurprisingly, it is brought up again by a family member in the Frontal 21 programme.

It should be said once again that Andreas had completely recovered in 2009, otherwise he would not have been able to start his training again. And let us add that as parents we would not have allowed our child to continue flying and perhaps sacrifice him as a consequence.

We have tried to explain the possible cause of his eye problem 2014/2015 in an article from October 2017 (see link above).

As it can directly affect every passenger, should not the civil aviation topic described there be given more public attention?

Final remarks

The Frontal 21 broadcast talks about so-called “inevitable consequences”.

It is stated that the four-eyes principle (i.e., always at least two people in the cockpit) was introduced in 2015, but as the policy went almost completely unnoticed by the flying public it was abolished two years later. Furthermore, in their final report the French investigators demand clear rules for doctors as to whether and when it is necessary to overrule “physician/patient confidentiality” without them having to fear legal consequences. Lawyer Ulrich von Jeinsen, who represents relatives, criticizes the fact that this has not happened so far. Obviously, the responsible authorities do not see any need for action and consider such new measures (also demanded by the relatives) to be unproductive. Well, perhaps a suitable measure would be to search again elsewhere for the real reasons for the crash.

All in all, this contribution by Frontal 21 was poorly researched, just a renewed rewarming of previously communicated content, and thus completely superfluous.


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Prayer of comfort – Psalm 23

For you, for all readers of this web page:

We still need and seek comfort, which helps us deal with our loss. The following is a possibility, as it makes sadness and comfort perceptible for anyone who reads it.

Prayer of comfort – Psalm 23

And so I pray, The Lord is my shepherd, yet I feel so miserable and abandoned.

And I continue to pray, I shall not want; and I know: This individual, Andreas, I will miss. Nobody can replace his love, and I will miss him all my life. And I continue to pray, He makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside quiet waters. And I think to myself, if God is planning a future for me, I do not yet see it. But if one day I might breathe again with relief, I thank him. So I continue, He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. And I think that in my grief I am tested, but I wonder: For whom is this sadness? Do you cry because you have lost someone, or do you cry because that someone lost his life? But has he?

And in my questions, I pray, Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and grief is such a valley, I will fear no evil; and I will not be ashamed of my feelings – for you are with me; even if my way leads to the cemetery and my home has become emptier.

Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. And I pray with new certainty, You prepare a table before me, I then think of the next meal – where a place will be empty – and my prayer continues, in the presence of my enemies; my grief has taught me how unimportant and groundless my hostilities are, so I thank this grief that frees me from existing enmities.

You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows. Yes you, Lord, transform my pain into maturity. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life; You, Lord, accompany my life wherever it leads. …and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

I have my home with you.


L. U.

The deletion of potentially important evidence

Questions about the existence of photos / videos that do not fit the official crash scenario and changed crash time

According to the Germanwings investigation file, many mobile phones, of various makes, were found at the crash site. Some of them were undamaged. We all use mobile phones not only to make phone calls and send text messages, but also to take photos or create videos.

One can assume that on the salvaged mobile phones crash victims’ photos and videos of various kinds were stored. It is quite likely that passengers captured in photos or videos the last few minutes aboard the Germanwings plane. Especially in the first rows of seats, e.g. in the immediate vicinity of the cockpit door, the activities of the captain and the cabin crew would have been noticed by passengers, assuming they were conscious. Such photos and videos would provide critical proof in support of the official crash theory and would certainly have been presented in the investigation file. But these photos / videos are not available.

Personal items from the crash site which could be clearly identified immediately were soon handed over to the relatives. Included were several mobile phones. However, a representative for victims’ families from Spain, Paraguay and the United Kingdom, Narcis Motjé, publicly complained that SIM cards, possibly containing information on the course of events leading up to the crash, had been removed before the mobile phones were returned to the families.

See news article:
(first read on 30.03.2017)

Victims’ lawyers representing other families also objected in a similar way, namely that photos and videos on the returned mobile phones had been deleted. Under these circumstances one must ask oneself, why had this been done? Did the Mirage fighter play a very different role? What could images or videos of a fighter aircraft, taken by Germanwings passengers, ultimately reveal? According to the investigation file (see page HA 04758) a Mirage fighter plane was indeed on the way. See the following excerpt from the file:

After the Centre National des Operations Aerienne de Lyon (CNOA) had been activated by Aix Air Traffic Control and the operational alert was triggered, a Mirage 2000, based in Orange, launched a search and rescue mission. When it arrived in the area a police helicopter was already present.

The Mirage reached the area, but only after the plane had already crashed…  According to the official BEA Final Report, the Germanwings plane crashed at 09:41:06 (UTC) in the French Alps. (In March, Central European Time is one hour later than UTC.) The impact of the Germanwings plane was thus given as 10:41:06 local time. However, in the early media reports the crash time was reported as 10:53 am – 12 minutes later than what was recorded in the BEA Final Report. At 10:53 (!) on March 26, 2015, a minute of silence was held in North Rhine-Westphalia during which people remembered the victims of the catastrophe. At the same time, bells tolled in our town; at Cologne-Bonn Airport hundreds of Germanwings employees gathered at headquarters; and in Berlin the Federal Cabinet participated in this minute of silence. 10:53 was the moment when the radio transmission from the Germanwings’s plane was silenced by the impact.

See news article:
(first read on 16.04.2015)

It is incomprehensible why, in retrospect, the crash time was brought forward from 10:53 to 10:41, and no one has asked why nor has anyone publically explained. Clearly, these facts raise serious questions: It is officially claimed that by 10:41 the Mirage fighter jet was unable to intercept the Germanwings plane, but it could have – 12 minutes later…

L. U.

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