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For the 5th anniversary

How is the fifth anniversary different from the first, second, third or fourth?

We have learned to live with our loss, but we will always miss our child, and the sadness that he is no longer with us will accompany us for life.

The fifth anniversary is no different from those before or all those in our future.

Please read the lyrics below from a song we sang at Andy’s funeral.

1. How should we grasp what cannot be grasped?
It is hard to let go and yet there is no end in sight.
We have had so many questions, and we still need time.
What to do with our lamentations and our sadness?

2. Life has flown, death arrived with power.
Laughter? It has moved far away, suffocated by deepest darkness.
There is emptiness in us, silence. There is nothing more we can do.
Why this bowing down? Why this dying?

3. Much faster than we suspected the blue sky is torn.
Our plans have been thwarted. The world seems cold and gray.
What will be? Who can say? Oh, God, these questions torment.
Do you help to bear the suffering? Do you offer consolation now that we can count on?

4. Do not let us not sink, God, although the pain is overwhelming.
Where we stumble and struggle, hold us up and do not let us fall.
Let us trust that you protect life.
Help us to build on you, on the blessings you enact.


Lyrics: Eugen Eckert, 1998 Strube publishing house, Munich, EG plus, No. 163

“80 percent of the reports on the 27-year-old have been proven to be false” (1)

A striking statement by Ulrich Wickert on the press coverage of Andreas Lubitz

That 80 percent of the reporting concerning the 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz has been proven to be wrong is not a statement by the Lubitz family, but by Ulrich Wickert, one of the most renowned and most competent journalists in Germany. At a speech in Dillingen he warned that the publishing of rumors for the purpose of entertainment has nothing to do with the proper obligations of the press. He also said: “Given the fast pace and tough competition, many media often do not take the time to verify the truth of the information”.(1)

The following reports, which were continuously repeated by the press, are clear examples of false stories about Andreas Lubitz. It has been said countless times that he had locked the captain out of the cockpit. This is demonstrably wrong. Based on the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder protocol this was proven to be false. See the contribution under:

Furthermore, countless press reports have claimed that Andreas Lubitz suffered from depression in 2014/2015. In a press conference in March 2017 Günter Lubitz(2) explicitly pointed out what the Düsseldorf prosecutor Kumpa confirmed in his final statement of December 2016:

“None of the treating physicians in 2014/2015 — be they psychiatric specialists or other doctors – diagnosed depression with Andreas Lubitz at that time. In addition, no physician or therapist detected suicidal thoughts or were any reported by the patient. There was also no evidence of atypical aggressive behavior.”

Nevertheless, the press did not acknowledge this statement from the Lubitz press conference and continued to report falsely about the depressive copilot. We acknowledge how, given the fast pace of our times, many media often do not take the time to review and then update the truth of their content, which would introduce fresh insights that could lead to alternative  viewpoints and, consequently, raise new questions.

A prime example of cumulative journalistic incompetence, coupled with a culture of dilettantism, is the case of BILD editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt and BILD editor John Puthenpurackal who published stories of an alleged affair between ex-girlfriend Maria W. and Andreas Lubitz. See also the contribution under:

The FOCUS then asked: “Quarrel over alleged Lubitz lover: Was the “BILD” eagerly duped by an imposter?”(3) This example illustrates even more strikingly how sensational information goes unverified and is readily disseminated in order to increase circulation. One can begin to comprehend Ulrich Wickert’s statement that 80 percent of the reports about Andreas Lubitz were proven to be wrong!






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Current developments – Renewed lawsuit by family’s lawyer

Airworthiness Review Certificate – the ignored document

Why did this matter receive no attention?

A few days after the crash the public prosecutor assured us that the investigation would continue in all directions. Already during the preliminary investigation, the pro-government / pro-industry press published information found among Andreas Lubitz’s seized documents: a life-support document signed by him on 23.03.2015.

The press chose to interpret this document as indicative of a planned suicide and published this notion. But doesn’t this conclusion lack logic? One only creates an end-of-life-support document when expecting to continue living into the foreseeable future. And one would never expect to survive a planned airplane crash…

Another document that was signed the same day (23.03.2015) was given little or no attention by either the investigators or the media (understandably): Namely, the Airworthiness Review Certificate. For a commercial aircraft to operate safely and properly, it requires valid certification. The document that confirms it is in proper condition and performs safe flight operations is called an Airworthiness Review Certificate. According to the investigation file, the Airworthiness Review Certificate for the aircraft (D-AIPX) dated March 23, 2015, had expired – one day before the crash.
(See the following section of the original certificate from the investigation file)

However, it had been extended… According to Mr. van Beveren’s expert report, there are some important discrepancies. (See expert report, page 96 – 98). (Link to expert report)

Experts Report

• Under the current Regulation (EC) No 216/2008, an Airworthiness Review Certificate is valid for a maximum of one year.
• The previous certificate had been issued on 07.03.2014 and appears to be valid until 23.03.2015, i.e. until the day before the accident, so more than a year.
• There are certain special conditions for certification extension. However, such an extension is unusual – here, 16 days – and, strangely, at the time of the document’s issue in 2014.
• Apparently, the certification document with the LBA authorization number T512 was typed by the aircraft examiner, allegedly a Mr. or a Mrs. “Boussios”. However, the signature under this name does not match.
• According to the document, the certification took place on the day before the accident and was signed by Ferenc Dulai for Germanwings GmbH. The subsequent certification was to have been 11.03.2016 – 11 days before the allowable one-year expiration.
The curious 16-day extension beyond the one-year deadline was thus almost “compensated” for by the shortened time span before the next certification on 11.03.2016.

These discrepancies could have been checked through interrogations of the maintenance staff and those who were responsible through their signatures. Throughout the investigation file there is no evidence of the questioning of these people. From all this, it can be concluded that apparently the one document (the life-support statement) is given more importance because it supposedly implicates Andreas Lubitz as the culprit. The other document is “overlooked” in the file jungle, in order to shield…

Investigations in all directions? Clearly not.

L. U.

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Considerations on the 2017 press conference

Words of Solace

When I am gone
Then set me free.
Let me go.
There are so many things for me to see.

Be grateful for the good times
We were allowed to spend together.
I have given you my love,
And you do not know
How much joy you have brought to me.
I thank you for the love
You have given me.
But it is time now
To go on alone.

If your grief helps you, so grieve.
And then grief gives way to faith.

We must only separate for a while.
Therefore, hold on to the memories in your heart.
I will never be far from you.
So if you need me, call for me –
And I will be there.
Even if you cannot touch or see me,
I am close to you –
And if you listen with your heart,
Then you will feel my love all around you,
Very close and clear.

And when it is time for you
To take this journey alone,
I will greet you with a smile
And welcome you to your new home.

(Prayer of an unknown dying person)

At our home on March 24, 2018, as in the years before, 150 candles will be burning.

Traces of Christmas

Should anyone ask me about Christmas in this world of ours, I would speak about those things that began with the beginning of Christmas.

When one begins at first to trust another, and together build a bridge to overcome hate and enmity, then will you find those traces of Christmas.

When one in the darkness will not remain silent, but rather intones a song of hope to overcome the fear and the silence, then will you find those traces of Christmas.

When one swims against the current and takes up a hard burden to overcome adversity and strife, so you will find the traces of Christmas.

Where one does not quail in the face of hardship, and ventures a new beginning to overcome sorrow and suffering, there can you find the traces of Christmas.

Wherever one dares the difficult, and openly states his opinion to overcome falsity and lies, there also will you find traces of Christmas.

Whenever one wakes from indolence and discovers with you a path to overcome the high walls, then will you find traces of Christmas.


With these profound Christmas verses, we wish you a reflective and tranquil Christmastime. Enjoy a bit of peace during these holidays, and find health and happiness in the New Year.


Recent fume event in Eurowings aircraft D-AGWV

Five crew members and one passenger injured

According to a report in Austrian Wings aviation magazine, Eurowings flight 7764 departed Hamburg shortly after 18:00 on 07 November 2017 with Zurich as its destination. The aircraft was an Airbus 319, registration D-AGWV.

Soon after takeoff there occurred an obvious fume event on board, prompting the pilots to immediately return to Hamburg. According to a report in Hamburger Morgenpost, one passenger complained of nausea and respiratory irritation. Together with five crew members the passenger went to a local hospital for medical examination.

Reference links:

On several occasions in July of 2014 our son flew as copilot in this specific aircraft (Airbus 319, reg. D-AGWV). On 08 July 2016 this aircraft had an official report of a fume event which is documented in the BFU database.

See link below to Andreas’s logbook:

Aside from the two mentioned above, it is not known whether any other previous fume events in this aircraft might have occurred or whether Andreas was affected. The noticeable evidence of toxic fumes in an aircraft cabin is a result of a gradual process, rather like the beginning of an oil leak in one’s automobile that does not reveal itself from one day to the next. As already stated in recent news, there was a very high risk for Andreas to belong to the group of people who catabolize the toxins only with difficulty and over time, or not at all. The consequences of which can often be irreversible neurological damage.
Even if there is only one passenger injured, our hope is that this article will encourage people to consider that there are daily incidents involving toxic cabin air and anyone who flies can be affected.


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Evaluation of Andreas’s flight logbook

Evaluation of Andreas’s flight logbook

Conclusion: Germanwings planes old and harmful to health

First of all, many thanks to all who continue to follow Andreas’s website with great interest. Several requests have been made regarding Andreas’s flight logbook in particular, so we would like to explain it in more detail.

At the end of 2013, after successful completion of his pilot training at Lufthansa, Andreas joined Germanwings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, as a co-pilot. In the meantime, Eurowings (also a Lufthansa subsidiary) has assumed responsibility for Germanwings, whose flight operations continue to be carried out under the Eurowings aegis. However, Germanwings will soon disappear as a brand.

In 2015-2016, the average age of the Germanwings fleet was around 14 years. Of note is that the crashed D-AIPX was almost 25 years old – clearly one of the oldest. In the comparable period, the average age of the Ryanair fleet was 5.4 years.(1)

Aircraft experts are of the opinion that old does not necessarily mean unsafe, and that 24 years is not unusual for an aircraft. However, it is acknowledged that these machines become more vulnerable and more maintenance-intensive with increasing age. But then the tightrope walk begins: more intensive maintenance results in longer downtime; on the other hand, carriers are continuously under pressure to remain profitable, and an aircraft on the ground earns no money.

As part of our expert’s (van Beveren) activities, our son’s flight logbook was reconstructed.(2)

The complete flight logbook can be found at:
A flight logbook indicates the date on which a pilot traveled, on which routes (RTE), and with which aircraft (CALLSIGN and REGISTRY). Also, unusual incidents are recorded in additional columns (REMARKS / RESEARCH RESULTS / EVENT MENTIONED IN MEDIA) and (OFFICIALLY DISPLAYED EVENTS IN AUTHORITY DATABASE).

In the following some explanations:

The analysis of Andreas flight logbook shows that he was mainly deployed on planes that had a high frequency of fume event incidents (3) (88% of his flights). Kerosene (fuel), hydraulic fluid or de-icing fluid become toxic fumes, which result from a defect in the engine, and are passed into the air-conditioning via the bleed air system, and thus into the cockpit and passenger cabin. There are fume events in which there is clearly smoke or a noxious smell, but this is not always the case. If this contaminated air is inhaled by individuals who do not quickly degrade these toxins there can be a profound health impact, including insomnia, vision disorders and damage to the nervous system.

Almost all these symptoms were diagnosed in our son, as well as confirmed by pilots (2016) who remain unfit to fly due to irreversible, neurological damage related to such fume events (of course, passengers are also affected). Not all of them recall experiencing a real fume incident, and it could be that some have become ill as a result of the chronic stress in the execution of their profession.

In order to make a clearer determination, we had our family DNA profiles tested, with the result that there was a very high risk for Andreas to belong to the group of people who catabolize the toxins only with difficulty and over time, or not at all. We were surprised and shocked by these results and their relevance to Andreas, as well as in regards to our own health risks. Several family members have been advised to avoid air travel due to this information. Unfortunately, we did not know until 2016 about the possible occurrence of such toxins in the cockpit and cabin. Most of the doctors we have since talked to have never heard of such fume-related health risks. Therefore, it is not surprising that patients suffering from fume event symptoms often go undiagnosed and sometimes improperly treated. The doctors are not to blame for this lack of knowledge, but that the problem exists is confirmed in the following articles in the trade press (mainstream media unfortunately avoid this topic):

It seems that now, slowly and quietly, steps are being taken in the right direction. But this reality clearly affects all who fly and they should give serious thought to this topic.


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Moving beyond the truth with twisted facts



Moving beyond the truth with twisted facts

Victim’s attorney awakens false hopes for high compensation payments for immaterial damage

An experienced lawyer should give his clients good advice. But what lawyer Elmar Giemulla said in the report of 23 September 2017 in the Berlin Morgenpost (among others) does not correspond to the truth and arouses false hopes among the victims’ relatives. For example, in the article Giemulla states, “His (Lubitz’s) training with the flight school in the US state of Arizona could only be completed through special dispensation because of severe depression.” (1)

The fact is that Andreas was treated for depression from November 2008 to April 2009 . After his convalescence, he was invited to return to Lufthansa Flight School in Bremen, Germany, to attend a new course starting on 01 September 2009 to finish his theoretical studies. In July of the same year, his system was clear of medication and Andreas was healthy, both of which were confirmed after careful examination by several specialists.
Only through this process was he able to continue his education at the Lufthansa Flight School in Germany. The BEA final report substantiates this; below see page 16 of the English version: (2)

  • On 1 September 2008, he started his basic training at the Lufthansa Flight Training Pilot School in Bremen (Germany)
  • On 5 November 2008 he suspended his training for medical reasons
  • On 26 August 2009 he restarted his training (note: actual start date was 01 September 2009)
  • On 13 October 2010, he passed his ATPL written exam
  • From 8 November 2010 to 2 March 2011, he continued his training at the Airline Training Centre in Phoenix (Arizona, USA)
  • From 15 June 2011 to 31 December 2013, he was under contract as a flight attendant for Lufthansa while continuing his Air Transport pilot training
  • From 27 September to 23 December 2013, he took and passed his A320 type rating at Lufthansa in Munich (Germany)
  • On 4 December 2013, he joined Germanwings
  • From 27 January 2014 to 21 June 2014, he undertook his operator’s conversion training including his line flying under supervision at Germanwings
  • On 26 June 2014, he passed his proficiency check and was appointed as a co-pilot
  • On 28 October 2014, he passed his operator proficiency check

Also… “During his training and recurrent checks, his professional level was judged to be above standard by his instructors and examiners.”

Thus the assertion that because of severe depression Andreas could only complete his training with special dispensation is completely absurd and out of thin air. The reality is that Andreas never had any special dispensation, though his former depression was noted in his records. Indeed, both Lufthansa and the flight school in Arizona very thoroughly checked Andreas’s health before he resumed his training.

We will address this whole issue further in a coming article.

It is understandable that Mr. Giemulla is now under pressure because the lawsuit (which was based on misrepresentation) was rejected in the US. It can also be assumed that he has studied the crash investigations as well as the BEA final report. Perhaps he should study both carefully again and not suggest to the victims’ relatives the notion of an undiscovered ongoing depression in order to raise their hopes for substantial immaterial compensation.
One should not distort the facts in order to achieve a desired result.

A final note is in order: After the press conference in March we were told that the relatives could not rest because we were again stirring up the whole topic. But it is Giemulla who had nothing more to do than to inform the DPA about his “latest” version of the lawsuit. And there are other examples we could mention which have stirred further unrest.

As mentioned earlier, in the near future we will discuss in detail the medical history of our son, because there is still a lot to clarify.

L. U.

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Germanwings crash 4U9525: Must the negative image of Andreas Lubitz be regenerated?




Useful links

A very recent case

According to a report on the “Aviation Herald” website, a Germanwings A319, flight 4U-493, on 19 March 2017 on a flight from Sarajevo to Cologne/Bonn, twice entered an uncontrolled descent. Only by the intervention of the pilots could disaster be prevented and the flight continued to its destination. What would have happened if through particular circumstances the two pilots had become incapacitated and were unable to react? A new catastrophe?
Germanwings A319 enroute on Mar 19th 2017, aircraft started descent uncommandedly two times

Latest publications related to the March 2015 Germanwings crash
Headline: Bei diesem Interview ist die BILD-Zeitung offenbar auf eine Hochstaplerin reingefallen
Headline: Germanwings-Pilot Andreas Lubitz war nicht depressiv – laut diesem Gutachten
Headline: Die Familie des Germanwings-Copiloten Andreas Lubitz will gegen Gutachtenfehler klagen
Headline: Skandalöse Details zum Germanwings-Absturz – War alles ganz anders?

General remarks

The contributions to be read in this section are not intended to be taken as justification for
the Lubitz family or, as the press so often claims, as a “whitewashing” of Andreas Lubitz.
Here we present and comment upon facts and topics with the intention of clarifying the
false interpretations of investigation results as well as bogus media reports.
Certain facts were “leaked” to the media by the investigative authorities, and one should not
disregard the deliberate planting of information. Furthermore, various media have
themselves generated and published bogus stories about Andreas Lubitz. The motivation
behind this is easy to recognize.

“The truth is whatever the people will buy.”